Monday, May 23, 2016

My Weekend : ACEN FUN

My weekend started on Thursday .
Thursday I headed toward Rosemont , IL with my brother .

For months we've been playing a trip to attend Anime Central . 
I'm not a big anime fan but my brother is and I wanted to go so he could introduce me to his world . 

After a 4 hour drive we got to our hotel and got some much needed rest until dinner 
 For dinner we went to the most talked about restaurant  in Rosemont , Sugar Factory . 
I've been talking about this place for weeks on my social media and I was finally going .
My friend Angelique joined us , 

and we had some much needed laughs and fun . 
And of course I got a Goblet
Mai Tai Goblet

Friday was the first day of ACEN  

So many fun and interesting things to do and to see . 

I've never seen anything like this before .
People put in so much hard work to dress like their favorite characters .
So much creativity .

Day 2 of Acen 

Day two of ACEN  was cut short because  I somewhere special to be and do . 

My cousin Taylor was going to PROM !

I had the privilege to do her makeup on her special day . 
Her dress was flawless . 

It took everything in me to hold back my tears. 
Watching my cousin grow into the  young women she is today is a blessing  

Sunday was our last day in town .
We took  one more stroll around ACEN  then took the 4 hour drive back home 

All in All it was a great weekend . 
 I was happy to spend time with my brother and family . 

What did you do over the weekend ?

Brittany Morgan 

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