Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November Goals

October Review 

1. I  didn't reach my follower goals but I'm determined to get there this month. 
2. I got through 2 books the 3rd book is rolling over into November
3. My skincare hunt has been horrible so hopefully this month will be more successful
4. I've written more but not as much as I wanted but I've gotten more motivation 
5. My birthday was fun laid back and relaxing . It was amazing , having my week off was the best idea ever. 

6. I've been making more healthier choices . I'm happy with the path I'm on . 

November Goals 

1. Prep for blogmas . The best way to actually get it done  is to start prepping now .

2. Grow my social media 
Current Numbers
Facebook: 53
Instagram: 382
Twitter: 331
Pinterest: 52

3. Get back into yoga . Yoga kept me calm, focused and more flexible 

4. Try something new for Thanksgiving . New Menu. New Traditions . Embrace other cultures 

5. Read More 
No number goal this month just going to see what I can do without a limit 

6. Change my hair color 
Its time for a change my hair is nothing but a faded mess from a previous color change 

Brittany Morgan 

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