Rock Bottom

I'm scared
Today I'm sitting at 362 pounds .
By the grace of god I don't have any major health issues .
I've lost control of myself . 
I've let depression and anxiety take over my life and now I'm at my highest weight.
 I can't let this continue.
I cant continue to eat all the wrong things . 
I can't continue not being active . 
I need to make some major changes .
 And they have to start today .
 I want to be a mother one day and that's gonna be impossible or difficult to do with all this weight . I need to lose this weight for myself . It's a shame I can't walk to end of the block without feeling like I'm dying .
 I'm tired of this .
Today is my fresh start .
I've thrown out all the junk for my house and I'm creating a new Brittany now .

I pray this time will be the time I can finally make this work and lose all this weight . 

Brittany Morgan 


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