Tuesday, October 3, 2017

15 Ways To De-Stress

Sometimes we let life get in the way and we get overwhelmed with our daily lives.
Sometimes we need to stop and take care of ourselves
Here our some things I do to help with my stress

1. Pray
A talk with God always makes me feel better .
2.Turn Off Your Phone
Sometimes you need time to clear your head and need time to just gather your thoughts . I sometimes turn my phone off or on silent for a hour or two to collect myself 
3. Treat Yourself
There is nothing wrong with a little retail therapy to 
4. Listen to music
Laying back and vibe out to music help me relax 
5. Cook
Sometimes good food helps and focusing on a recipe will get your mind off the stress
6. Watch Your Favorite Movie or Television Show
Gilmore Girls and Grey's Anatomy are my go to shows
7. Exercise
Letting your frustrations out in a workout . Go for a run and clear your head.
8. Take A Bath
Grab your favorite bath bomb and some bath bombs
9. Talk To A Good Friend
Having someone to talk out your problem and to vent to help ( talk to a understanding person ,
someone who isn't gonna judge you) 
10.Read A Book
Grab a good book book and a cup of tea and escape into a book 
11. Dance It Out ( Grey's Anatomy Phrase)
Like Meredith and Christina  would do sometimes you have to blast music and dance your problems away. 
12. Go For A Walk
Take time to see whats going on in the world and walk around town .
13. Take A Nap
Resting and finally get some sleep will allow you wake up with a fresh mind
14. Write
I love to write out my problems and leave them on the paper 
15. Get A Massage
Releasing all the tensions from your body from a good  massage will leave you feeling refreshed .

Brittany Morgan 

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