Monday, January 1, 2018

January Goals

Happy New Year!
2017 was a learning year for me. I learned many of strengthens and weaknesses.
I've grown so much. I've let some people go and welcomed new ones.
2017 is now over and 2018 is here
I wanted to set realistic goals for myself I like to break them up month to month , add and remove them as the year progresses.

Blog I have a schedule set for PIB and I will stick to it this month. I love blogging I just need to stop allowing life to get in the way

Fix My Canvas  I love putting on makeup. And for the perfect application I need to take care of my skin better than I have

Treat Myself I have to remember myself so at least once a month I want to treat myself with something I want

Drink Water I want 90% of my fluid intake to be water. Its great for my body and skin

Brittany Morgan

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