Friday, February 2, 2018

February Goals

Happy February 
After 6 months of January I'm happy to see a new month. 
Setting chew goals each month is very refreshing. 
1. Practice Photography 
I have a really good camera  but Im not using it to its full potential 
I want to take the time to learn how to us all the functions and take great pictures 
2. Plan Blog 
I have so many ideas I want to share but I need to get things organized and schedule out for the upcoming months 
3. Read 2 books
I need to make more time to  relax on the couch and read a good book.
4. Put Myself First  
I know that may sound simple but that can be hard at times
Emotionally and physically I've been putting others ahead of myself. 
Especially romantically . I have to do what makes me happy. Stop worrying about who isn't in my life 
Stop putting in the effort I'm not receiving 
5. Post More IG
I have a couple accounts for different things and I post on none of them I want to be more active 

I hope you all have a good month 

Brittany Morgan 

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