Monday, June 21, 2021

My Own Priorities

 Lately I've been putting all my focus on myself

Making sure I'm the priority.

Setting more boundaries and working my personal growth

I spend so much time helping  and solving others problems

At the end of the day I was forgetting about myself.

I was constantly building other for their goals and I wasn't focussed on my own goals

This summer I want to take the time to dive head first into Perfectly Imperfect Brittany fulltime

I want to finally give this blog fighting chance to grow and to help people

I'm working on re-branding and giving my social media a facelift

There will be a posting schedule(details later)

I want to have fun and share all the amazing content I have in store for you all

Thank you for always being here

Time for a change

I want my words to matter

Brittany Morgan 

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