I slept on the couch the first 3 days because I couldn't  take the tears and pain in a room where we made plans for our future .
The wedding we dreamed of together, the babies I named in my heart are all gone
My heart is in a million pieces  and crying has been a great outpour of emotions, finally allowing myself to be vulnerable
In the past I would ignore my feelings and go down a dark rabbit hole to "heal" myself
I refuse to let this hold me back from being open to love in the future
Giving myself the grace to grow and learn from this experience is key 
I've learned that invested time doesn't equal value.
Mourning the loss and the memories tainted by the last moments 
Constantly reminding myself  what’s meant to will be 
I was hesitant to write this post because that would be it the end of this chapter 
But I have to say goodbye  
The healing process has not been easy but I know there is a light at the end of this tunnel 
I’m thankful  for my amazing friends and family giving me the space and love to process this pain. 
Am I hurting? 
Will I be ok?
Until next time….

Brittany Morgan 


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