Special Cameos

I love my conversations with my grandmother .  Her love , her wisdom , she is my world . She just gave me the best advice and I'm going to hold onto it forever . Sometimes the people in our lives aren't always meant to be in our lives for a lifetime but are only there to make a brief cameo to teach us a life lesson . For so long I stressed about people not talking me or why this person may have pulled away or even trying to hold on to hold onto  friendships that are dead and gone Life is too precious  Time is too precious There has been some people from my past I thought would still be with my today . From the friend I had in high school that taught me not everyone need to know my business ( which made me the reserved woman i am now ) After I shared some personal things with her and most of fellow classmates found out  ( You can't trust everyone with so much important information)From  the college boyfriend I had that taught me I am strong . After he dogged me out all around campus . But  still held my head high and stood strong .And wasn't ashamed to show my face . And eventually cleared my name from those terrible lies From  the man I loved. That showed me I was able to love and to be loved . But were only meant to be friends and I'm blessed to call him my best friend ( even though he is crazy Lol )

Life is crazy , some good , some bad but open your eyes and learn something .
you never stop learning who you are no matter what age.
I'm still learning who I am . 



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