Sunday, November 22, 2015

26 in 26

Hello Ladies and Gents !
I'm finally 26 and I have a list of 26 things I want to do during my 26th year of life . 

1. Get my fucking life together ( I don't where to start) 
2. Lose weight ( 50lbs would be a great start )
3. Actually write on this blog . ( can't achieve a goal if I don't work towards it )
4. Stop worrying what others think and do what makes me happy.
5. Buy Tory Burch tote ( not everything on this list is gonna be philosophical)
6. Travel ( I really need to get out of Illinois for a little and enjoy myself. Hopefully pool side with a drink in my hand
7 . Go to a concert ( I already missed the 1989 concert hopefully there will be some good ones this year )
8. Stick to my Instagram theme ( I've been trying for we and I finally picked one @perfectlyimperfectbrittany )
9. Buy a car ( the free bus service has been a blessing but I need a car again so I can leave on my schedule and get out of this town every once in a while .
10. Date and don't enter into a relationship until I truly feel it's right and he's a person I can feel myself marrying ( I have a bad habit of rushing into relationships and they instantly crash and burn)
11. Learn a new talent ( singing won't be one that's never gonna happen and I accepted that lol )
12. Save $5000
13. Get a passport
14. Read the New Testament
15. Volunteer More
16. Re-Design My blog
17. Girls Trip
18. Read Ten Books
19. Expand My Wine Palate
20. Get a new tattoo
22. Vlog at least 3 days a week .
23. Craft more ( I have a long list if things on Pinterest I want to try )
24. Road Trip
25. Keep my nails polished ( I can go weeks with no polish on my nails)
26. Plan an amazing Golden birthday 27 on the 27th ( i can;t wait and have no idea what to do ) 

To keep track of my progress I'll add it to the top of my blog page 

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