My Thanksgiving Plans

The past two thanksgivings have been horrible . They both involved the hospital .. 

2013: I had a asthma attack and ended up in the hospital  and spent 
thanksgiving day faking a smile while at my aunt's house . When all I wanted to do in be in bed .
I felt so miserable from the pain from the asthma attack and missing my mother ( That was my first thanksgiving without her ) 
Thanksgiving Day 

2014: I got horribly sick , throwing up and couldn't keep anything down ( not even water) .  I ended up at the hospital and was diagnosed with gastritis ( inflammation in the stomach) 
On Thanksgiving day I did end up at my friend's house because she refused to allow me to stay in the house the whole day so i went out for a couple hours. But I sad and miserable and sad the whole time missing both of my parents and still feeling miserable from throwing up for over a week . 
IV for all the fluids I lost

This year: I do work on Thanksgiving and Black Friday but I'm off the whole weekend . I'm so excited to finally have a thanksgiving. I've decided to wait til Saturday to celebrate ( using all my mother's recipes) . I just want a a relaxing day , to wake up cook , watch a great movies  and drink lots of wine . I just want a day of peace . 
I could have my dinner Thursday but I wouldn't enjoy it . It wouldn't be the thanksgiving I want especially since I have to be up  early the next morning for work . ( which means no fun the night before) 
I finally get to have a Thanksgiving my way. 
This is the first real holiday my brother and I will be celebrating I cant wait to spend it with him . 

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

Brittany Morgan 


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