Saturday, October 1, 2016

October Goals

Happy October 

1. Reach 600+  Followers on Twitter 
With Twitter being my #1 way to reach my readers besides my blog i would love to have more interaction with my readers through tweets 

2. Read 3 Books 
 I know thats a low number but I've been slacking when it comes to reading 
( I don't want to overload myself)

3. Find a new skincare routine 
My skincare products haven't been doing its job lately I need something new 

4. Write More 
I want to be able to have more prescheduled  post this month .
I have been working on getting that done stay tuned 

5. Have The Most Chill But Fun Birthday 
I decided to stay in town for my birthday but I still want to have fun .

6.  Work Out More And Eat Healthier 
I need a healthier lifestyle . I want to lose weight and get the best shape can possibly be in .
I'm tired of being out of breath doing simple thing ( full blog post coming soon )

I can't wait to see what October has in store for me . 

Brittany Morgan 

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