Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Things My Relationship Taught Me

I've been keeping  something under-wraps for over a year I have a great man in my life . We made our one year mark a couple months ago . 
David has been the cherry on top of my life sundae ( I'm so corny )
Our relationship is far from perfect but he's perfect for me . 

Our relationship has taught me so much over this year . 

Patience And Balancing Time 

With us both having busy schedules 
( Him as a full time student and me working full time)
We have make time for each other , put in the extra effort 
Tired or not I  make sure I see him when I can . 
I know he wont always be available because he needs to study and rest . 
I've learned so much patience from that . 


He has taught me how to communicate more . 
I've always been the one to keep things inside and he hates when I do that 
he would rather hear what I'm thinking good or bad. 
I've never felt so open in a relationship . 
 I was always afraid to speak up in other relationships  . ( crazy right )
I love that we can be so open with one another . 


In the beginning  of our relationship I let past experiences  cause problems between us. 
I had to finally let go of all the pain in the 
past to truly allow him in especially if I wanted this relationship to work  . 
I trust him . He has given me no reason not to


Distance couldn't hurt what we have . 
During the summer he went back home ( because the dorms was closed)
For 3 months I didn't see him for 3 months 
Before  he left I was a little worried we wouldn't make it but it actually made our relationship stronger 
It all goes back to the communication and trusting your partner . 

The Little Things Matter 

I'm not one who wants to wined and dined  all the time . 
I love a movie night in the house watching a good movie on Netflix and eating some good food . 
Cherish those little moment in bed just talking , cuddling and connecting . 

Its Okay To Not Always Be On

As you all know I love my makeup but its not always needed .
I've never felt so comfortable being around a man with a clean face and a messy afro  

Its Not All About Me 

I have my good and my day just like he do . I know sometimes my problems isn't that important ( a crazy customer ) versus him not feeling confident about a upcoming test . I'm his biggest cheerleader I always want to uplift his spirits and reassure him of the amazing things he has done and will accomplish as he does for me . 

Its crazy how much I've grown as be person these past 14 months 
I know there are so many we can learn together 
I can't wait to see what God has in store for us 
To be able to grow together is an amazing thing .

What have your current and past relationships taught you?

Brittany Morgan 

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