November Goals

Hello November
It has definitely been a while but I really needed a break
I kept saying I was ready for come back but mentally I wasn't
With this new month I wanted to share some of my Goals with you

~ Read 2 Books
I need to take time out of my day to relax and escape into another world with a good book

~ Decorate For Christmas
It has taken everything in me not to put my tree up all October

~ Grow My Socials
Main Instagram:466
Planner Instagram: 108
Makeup Instagram: 71
Pinterest: 51

~ Start My Christmas Shopping 
I'm so behind this year I haven't bought a thing. I have an idea of what I want to get everyone but I need to order and make it all

~ Host A Friendsgiving
I want this friendsgivng to be extra fun but I have no idea how to spice it up

~ Workout At Least 2 Days A Week
I really need to lose more weight. So far Ive been doing pretty good but I need to do more

~ Delete Dating Apps
Its my season to be still
I don't think dating apps are for me at the moment. I need to focus on me and if someone comes into my life thats good but til then I need it to be about me

Brittany Morgan


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