On A New Path

I'm excited for this Winter
A time to explore and finding myself
Lately I've been feeling a little lost
Not knowing my purpose not knowing what my next step was going to be 
At times I've been feeling stuck and sometimes drowning in my situation 
Living in dead end town
Working in a dead end job
I'm making some major life changes I can't continue the path I am on
Starting my career has been a long process and scary process
But I'm pushing through  and taking some big steps to my goals

I signed my last lease ( ending June 2019)
June 2019 I plan on moving out of state ( Where? I'll tell you next year!)
I need this change
I want this change
 I need to be the change I've been looking for
Stay with me on my journey
I can't wait to share it with you.

Brittany Morgan


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