#9 Finish A Book Series ( 23 in 23 )

I did it I finish a book series . Well all the books that are out . I finished the 
50 Shades of Grey Series. 
E.L James did hint at another book coming out but who knows 
I finished it. 

I finally completed something on my 23 in 23 list  .

I love all 3 of the books. I got some " shame on you " looks while I was reading it . 
But who cares!
E.L James is an amazing writer and I really hope she continues Ana's and Christians love story .
I'm also geeked for the MOVIE !! 
I really think that Ian Somerhalder should play Christian.
I have no idea for Ana . But Hey I would volunteer if its Ian !!! 

                                       Laters Baby ( 50 shades humor )


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