Monday, April 15, 2013

MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet Best Dressed !

Before we get start lets admire Skylar Astin ! I love his voice and  him . He is an amazing actor .  I totally screamed when he came on stage during the Mtv Movie Awards 
Kylie  Jenner ! WOW . She looks so grown !  But im loving this out fit ! 
Macklemore ( i wonder if he got that cape at the thrift shop)  He is on my best dress because he can do no wrong to me ... LOVE HIM  

Brittany Snow looks  so chic. I love her hair cut . Its  frames her face perfectly 

Omg Nicole aka Snooki looks so glamorous  ! 

My idol Melissa McCarthy . She looks amazing . I wonder who is her  stylist is . I need to give them their props because she has been looking so FLAWLESS 

Jenni aka Jwooww looks beautiful ! 

Kim Kardashian is wearing her  pregnancy well. Some of her other  outfits have been questionable but i love her  in this dress . 

Selena Gomez has grown up so much  This dress totally look s like it was made for her . And I'm loving the katniss like braid !

Rebel Wilson was the best host ever  !!!
Love her

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