Sunday, January 18, 2015

I Love My Natural Hair !

Happy Sunday my loves !! 
I had a totally different post for today , but after what was said to me last night I had to post about it . 
So last night I was having a conversation with a male friend of mine. 
He asked me " Why don't you do your hair ?" "Why don't you get a relaxer " 

Why I don't I do my hair ? 
Then he proceeded to say " From a mans perspective you should do something different to your hair" 

I told him I love rocking my twist out and won't change it for a man . 
 Then he told me that " men don't like twist out and a twist out won't keep a man for long " 

So basically what he just said to me is because I wear my hair natural I have won't be able to keep a man . 
Well  that's fine with me . 
If the way I style my hair ( be it natural , relaxer or weave) is what I need to do to keep a man he doesn't need to be in my life . I love my natural hair. And if my natural hair is a factor to a man in order to be in a relationship with him , i don't need him in my life .

Oh but this was the funny part of the conversation . He says "  Because your hair preference is just not cute and anybody who has told you otherwise wouldn't dare rock twist outs. They are lying to you. And you even went to a cosmetology school where they teach doing hair. It's a mystery how you can care about makeup but not nearly as much about your hair. " 

So since I wear my hair natural I don't care about my hair ? 
That makes no since.
Do people know how much work goes into having natural ? 
3 hours  or more to do mini twist on myself . 
The bottles of conditioners we go through. 
Trying to keep our hair moisturized at all times .
I could keep going but it's a lot . 

I finally found a hair style I love . I've done the weaves and relaxers . I'm over it . I'm madly in love with my natural hair . 

And if anyone has a problem with it they can keep it moving . 

Embrace your curls ! 
Brittany Morgan 

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