Thursday, January 29, 2015

She Doesn't Even Go Here

Living in college town but not going to the school has been interesting . 
Trying to make friends / get to know people can be hard .
 Especially when I’m not going to class to meet new people or working in the town yet.
 I spend most of my time in my bedroom watching Grey’s Anatomy and scrolling through Facebook .
 The other day I finally got out and went to the activities fair with my brother .
 All greek organizations  and social clubs were there . 
I felt slighty out of place . People asking me to join their clubs and orgs 
. But obiviously i couldn’t because I’m not a student . Omg the struggle .
 There was one group that invited me to their comedy show this weekend even after i told them i wasn’t a student. 

  Yes , finally a in . I need a outlet . Besides just sitting in the apartment and soon going to work . I need social interactions besides the ones i have with my brother and his roommate. 
This is going  to be a long next couple of months but I’m going to make the best of it and venture out and see what happens .
 Standing in the  activiities fair all I could here in the back of my head was Damien saying “ She Doesn’t Even Go Here”. If you know what movie that is from I will love you forever !. 

So since I’m here till my brother graduates . I decided to start a new series on my blog called “ She Doesn’t Even Go Here".
 Explain my social experiences while I’m here at his school .
Wish me luck Darlings …
Brittany Morgan 

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