" Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life "

Over the weekend I went to see Cinderella . 
I was hesitant to see it because I was scared they would ruin a disney. 
But I was so wrong .
Cinderella was amazing.
They told the classic story in such a beautiful way. 
It was good to get  more background stories on some of the characters
They totally did the cartoon justice . 
And oh boy the costume designer , Sandy Powell , did her thing.

The classic cinderella blue ball dress was every girls dream.
It really brought the inner  little girl out of me and I wanted that dress ( possible wedding dress one day , lol ) 

The color of the dress was captivating .
And don't get me started on the wedding dress . 

Thank you disney for not ruining a classic and bringing a great story to life .

If you haven't seen Cinderella yet , I recommend you check it out. 

Which Disney movies should they do next ?

I think they should do " The Little Mermaid" next. 

Brittany Morgan 

" Have Courage , Be Kind" 


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