She Doesn't Even Go Here : The Craziness On The Bus

This weekend I saw some things that really pissed me off and made me a little ashamed of my race.
Saturday I went out to run my errands and so was a pick group of girl that sat in the back  of the bus. 
The moment I got on the bus I knew I needed my headphones ( but my brother had them ) 
The girls was in the back just being extra loud screaming and cursing .
Growing more annoyed I tried to keep my attention on instagram . 
All I heard was " Bitch This" and "Bitch That" " That Thot" and etc.
I was disgusted, what was the purpose to display that type of behavior . 
And I felt bad for them because it was parents weekend so there was parents on the bus with their student. 
So when it was time for them to get off the bus the driver pulled up past the bus stop about 3 feet and they threw a fit calling her a stupid bitch  and etc. 
My question is  WHY ??
It was only  3 feet . 
All for them to go the liquor store .
I pray they get their acts together because that not how woman should be acting especially in public .
I felt like it set us back like always
We're out here standing up for rights and then we have people like the young ladies on the bus that display the exact behavior  they say we all have . 

Brittany Morgan 


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