Monday, March 23, 2015

She Doesn't Even Go Here : Spring Break

Spring Break has come and gone 
This small town got even smaller with everyone gone 
My brother and I stayed of course since this is now home ( for the moment )
It was actually nice .
So peaceful 
A lot of barbecues for two
I decided since the school was on spring break that I would take a little spring break from the blog also.
But I kinda failed at that ( I posted twice) 
I feel refreshed and recharged . Even though I just spent my spring mostly drinking wine , snacking and watching movies all day .
Story of my life
Its closer to my brother's graduation .
I'm so proud of him , I could cry but I'll save the tears for graduation

Have you gone on spring  break yet ? 
What are your plans for spring break ?

Brittany Morgan 

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