Monday, May 18, 2015

My Summer Plans

This summer I'm staying focused on two things 

"Working"  If its not for bills or personal needs I'm saving the money . I have two trips I'll like to take one later this year and one next year . And of course I  need a car. I've been car less for months and its been hell. Thank goodness  I'm living in a town with free bus service . 
I feel I will be a better blogger if I had extra funds flowing in  to get some of the things I want of the blog and possible giveaways . 

"Working-Out"  I really  want to live a healthier lifestyle . Eating better cutting all the junk out my life and working out  ( a full post  will be written ) 
I have a goal and I will reach it .

Those are my to main points for the summer . Anything else will be extra / a bonus  . I'm on this journey to myself together . 
I'm 25 and I have to learn  how to be a little selfish 

Sometimes I get so wrapped up into a friendship / relationship  or situation I forget about myself 
This summer about me. 

Summer 2015 lets see what you have in store for me . 

Brittany Morgan 

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