Throwback Thursday : My First Kiss

My first kiss was my senior year of high school  . 
 I knew it was going to happen and I was so nervous . 
The last bell rang and  instead of going to my after school program 
I decided to go home with R ( my boyfriend at the time ) 
As I walked to my locker my heart was beating 100 mph .

R met me at my locker and we walked hand in hand through
the halls to the student parking lot . 

We got to his car and he opened my door for me and I got in . 
In the 30 seconds it took for him to put our book bags in the trunk
of his car and to get to driver's side of the car I had to give myself a pep talk

" You can do this Brittany ! "
" Don't be scared "

He finally gets in the car 
Omg !!

I looked at him and he just dove in .
No warning , no stopping at Go 

When our  lips met all I could think " Am I doing this right ?" 
But I went with it 
I felt so awkward

I've never been so distracted in my life
Wondering if I was a good kisser
Wondering if anyone was watching us  ( were in the car in a crowded parking lot )

After what seemed like forever
He finally released me
Gazing into my eyes and said
" Wow , That was amazing , I want more "

Heck! , maybe I knew what I'm doing then .

Even though my first kiss was a little awkward it was very memorable .

How was your first kiss ?
Was it very passionate or wild and crazy ?

Brittany Morgan 


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