Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Don't Believe Him Just Watch

My brother , Thomas , graduated from college a couple of weeks ago . 
I'm so proud of him 
It took him 5 long years but with all the things that has happened I'm glad he made it through 
For so long people doubted my brother because he had to do an extra year question if he was " Even going to graduate " Yes that was said . 
My inner big sister wanted to smack them all but I kept it together . 
I knew this day was coming . 
Thomas has worked so hard to get to this day 
And being with him this last semester I got to see first hand all the work he put in .

I'm so proud to be able to see what an amazing man he has grown into .
I know our mama and daddy was watching from above.
I can't wait to see all the amazing things God has in store for him . 
He is planning on some great things this summer .
My brother isn't really into social media but he going to take on a new task
When he is ready to announce the project I will let you guys know . 

Brittany Morgan 

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