Monday, June 8, 2015

This is hard .

Staying focused on this weight loss plan is so hard . 
Especially when sometimes I just want to stay in bed , eat junk food and watch netflix. 
Sad right ?! 

I haven't got my gym membership yet but I will in couple weeks ( got some bills to pay first ) 
But I have working out at home . 
I've been taking advantage of the free resources I have available to me . Like all the many work out videos on youtube and the free workout  dvds at my local family video . 
I also just go walking and get a sweat going with that . 
I haven't weighed myself yet and I probably won't for another week or so . I want to keep putting in the work before i see where I am . 
I realize I like working out alone . 
I like to be in my zone and get it done . 
I've been sticking to the gallon of water a day . ( that has me running to the bathroom all the time ) 

There is always so much temptation around me .
My brother made us smores the other day and I picked a piece of the marshmallow off  and felt bad instantly . I know your'e thinking I'm crazy is was a piece of marshmallow 
but I know myself today is would a marshmallow then tomorrow it would be pop then something else. So I'm on a strict no junk at all .
 I have goals I want to reach and I'm not gonna reach them if I'm cheating . 

It can be hard at times seeing my brother eat something that  I really want but  I know that pleasure of that food would lead to my disappointment when I step on the scale .

I  really want to be 50 lbs down by the time I got vegas in October . 
Pray for me guys
Brittany Morgan 

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