Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Survey

Sophomore year of college I met my best friend Z . We stayed in the same dorm suite . That year they had more girls than boys so on the 4 th floor they had to add a girl suite to the boys floor ( our suite) . 
We were surrounded by boys . Every girls dream right ? 
Z and had a lot of fun sophomore year we befriended   the guys at the end of the hall and played rock band and beer bong with them all the time !! 
One day Z and I got really bored just lounging around in the couch looking at lovers lane booklets. 
We came across something we've never seen before a " Penis pump" . 
We wondered how many guys have ever used one before .
The question was so interesting to us that we came us with the survey.
Being in college there are so many classes one can take so we came up with a lie that we were in a "'human sexuality class " and was required to ask men about their sexual activity, penis size and if they have ever or will ever use a penis pump .
So off we went notepads and pens in hand . 
We started at the first suite across the hall , the soccer boys lived there .

Is this really happening ??? 

I was so nervous but the words started flowing 
" Hi I'm Brittany and I'm in a human sexuality class and I have a couple of questions to ask if you don't mind sharing "
" How often do you have sex ? " 
They paused for a  moment and the answers started coming out . 
We asked the rest of the questions 
I was surprised they answered the questions . 
But after we left . 
We got curious and asked the rest of the floor . 
 I was surprised at how opened most of the guys was about their penis size .
Some told us they weren't that big but they know to put it down 

Time went on and we had finished the floor we lived on  and we even went to all the guys on the first floor .
When we finally got back to our room we sat there in disbelief .
Did we really do that ?
Did we really ask men about their penis ?
We ended our night and just laughed off what we did .
The next afternoon Z and I headed out to run errands and we started walked toward a group of guys  and one of the guys said " Hey there go the penis girl "
Oh no  !
It took us about a week and a half to get rid of that " Penis Girl " nickname
Never let boredom get to you cause you might get some what of a bad rep ..

Brittany Morgan 

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