Dog Mom Life

 I love being a dog mom 

I never thought I would have another pet after being forced to give my cats away I was over having pets

The day I had to give away Tinkerbell and Gatsby was heartbreaking 

Getting Nola was a very unexpected but she's been my "pretty girl"

My friend asked me to join her at a loca fundraiser for a rescue she heard of

I instantly fell in love with a cute little chihuahua. She was mine the minute I picked her up

I had to have her. I had her name pick out and everything( Elle,after the character from legally blonde)

 Only two things was holding me back, my landlord and my brother 

In our lease dogs are not permitted but I remembered my  neighbor had and emotional support animal. I had no idea where to begin.

My brother was extremely scared of dogs but  I figured getting a small one he would agree to get one 

I wanted this dog, I needed this dog

I rushed over to my brother's job and showed him a picture of the dog

I think he saw the excitement in face and agreed to come meet Elle after work

He finally made it to the fundraiser to meet elle but another dog had his attention 

Nola Darling 

I never seen my brother so interested in a dog at one point he was on the ground playing with her

I knew she had to come home

The rescue owner allowed us to foster her for a week to see if it would be a good fit for all of us 

Once we got her home and she instantly went to her bed I knew she felt at home

Nola was my brother's birthday gift that year but we shortly realized who her owner truly was.

November of 2020 I got my second baby

My brother wanted a dog of his own since Nola had quickly attached to me

For months he asked for a second dog but after living through this pandemic I figured the home needed something new and Nola seemed really lonely at times

Sirius Black 

Yes, i named him after one of favorite Harry Potter characters

Sirius came in taking over

He was only 7 months old when he brough him home and unlike Nola he had no training

So i took on the role as trainer which bonded the two of us

So now I'm a Dog mom of 2 and I wouldn't have it any other way. 


Brittany Morgan


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