Friday, July 30, 2021

Our Vegas Angel

 I was recently talking to my brother and a friend about our previous Vegas trip.  And then I remembered our angel. I call her an angel because she saved our lives. Call me dramatic but she did. 

July 2019 my friends  and I went to Vegas and stayed at a pretty popular resort. I had only seen this place in pictures, it’s gorgeous. After finally getting checked in we made it up to our rooms. Beautiful rooms but we was slightly disappointed. We had asked for adjoining rooms  but after getting upstairs we quickly realized that not what we reserved. ( Owell first world problems) After freshening up we hit the strip for a quick bite to eat. We ended up  taking longer than expected and had to hurry back to the room to meet my friend/ trip roommate to let her in.

My friend and I went it went our room and quickly met with the group.  While in the hallway we exchanged pleasantries with the housekeeper, she asked if we needed anything and we told her we had just got there and we was fine and thanked her. As we continued our conversation , my friend and I mentioned how our hotel door took forever to close. 

Most doors close instantly but I could walk to the other side of the room and the door would still be cracked. And that’s when the housekeeper spoke up again. 

She informed us that we should ask for new rooms

Not even 24 hours before we arrived two women had been robbed in the room across the hall. They had been having door issues like us. The women had went out for a day on the strip and came back to nothing. They had got into their  room and took everything. They even found the car in the parking garage and took the car too.

We all instantly had a pit in our stomachs. We thanked her and went directly downstairs and asked  for new rooms. After a couple of exchanges with the manager and a few food vouchers later we had  new rooms. The new rooms were perfect, adjoining rooms and my brother’s room had a great view. 

Though I never saw the housekeeper again I still think about what she did for us.

Most people don’t speak up and it could truly change people lives. Yes, I know it was just a trip but this world is crazy and something could’ve happened.

I’m thankful she said something and we had a great trip because of her.

Our Vegas Guardian Angel 


Brittany Morgan 

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