Monday, July 19, 2021

I'm Back

Long Time No Post

It feels good to say I am a full-blogger now

Sorry for the lack of content but get ready for multiple post a week

Currently the schedule will be Monday,Wednesday,Friday and an occasionally Saturday

I have a few series planned for the year and a few post I wrote that I still want to share 

I definitely need to catch your all up 


I no longer work in hell

My employment there ended  due to having my second job but it was the best feeling ever

Weeks before being fired I was constantly getting sick mentally and physically,That place was draining me 

That job took so much out of me so when the store manager called me in her office to end my employment, a weight literally lifted off my shoulders

I couldn't help but smile, I was finally free

Free from the toxic work enviroment 

Free from the mistreatment 

Free from the stress

For months going to work was a chore

I would find myself having panic attacks the minute my alarm would go off for work 

That place was literal hell on earth

I'm sure til this day the manager thought I was crazy because I happily handed them my work items and left smile and for once felt some peace

You shouldn't have cry your whole drive to work

I would throw up on a daily basis before work because of the stress

I'm thankful to no longer be in the enviroment

I still do have a job but it allows me the freedom to write more and focus on my dreams

Love Life

Dating is GHETTO

Dating in the era of hook up culture is not for me 

I feel like im either meeting people who barely wants to know my name and only wants to fuck 

Or someone who wants a relationship after saying "Hello"

I've kissed my fair share of frogs but one has turned into a prince

No, I'm not in a relationship but I like him and he likes me, were happy

(maybe I'll have another update in the future,til then.....)


Brittany Morgan

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