Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New Year

2022  is the Year of Me

Not new year, new me Same Brittany just making it all about myself

 I've always been a giver, a healer and cheerleader to others,, but I don't give myself the same grace

So this year I'm going to focus on myself

 Setting more boundaries and only surrounding myself with things and people that bring me peace.

 To some this may sound selfish and all I can say is

 " Sorry, Not Sorry" 

I have to do what makes me happy, life is too short to be a people pleaser

 I already have a trip or two booked for this year and looking to do a solo trip this year as well

 My one and only New Year's resolutions is to focus on myself 

I'm excited about the all the great things to come

 Happy New Year


 Brittany Morgan

Tuesday, November 30, 2021


I slept on the couch the first 3 days because I couldn't  take the tears and pain in a room where we made plans for our future .
The wedding we dreamed of together, the babies I named in my heart are all gone
My heart is in a million pieces  and crying has been a great outpour of emotions, finally allowing myself to be vulnerable
In the past I would ignore my feelings and go down a dark rabbit hole to "heal" myself
I refuse to let this hold me back from being open to love in the future
Giving myself the grace to grow and learn from this experience is key 
I've learned that invested time doesn't equal value.
Mourning the loss and the memories tainted by the last moments 
Constantly reminding myself  what’s meant to will be 
I was hesitant to write this post because that would be it the end of this chapter 
But I have to say goodbye  
The healing process has not been easy but I know there is a light at the end of this tunnel 
I’m thankful  for my amazing friends and family giving me the space and love to process this pain. 
Am I hurting? 
Will I be ok?
Until next time….

Brittany Morgan 

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Opening Up

Getting use to the silence and focusing on me. My mental hasn’t been in the best of places and I usually just keep it to myself but this time I decided to reach out and hopefully have someone to finally listen. 

Big mistake! 

The first person I talked to face to face. It felt good to finally vent let out the emotions I kept bottled in tears started flowing out, but then I looked up. That person looked at me no emotions and just replied “ Ok”. I just sat there and finally opened. And the one person I thought would listen didn’t care. I just quickly dried my tears and walked away. But I didn’t give up I’m like some one has to listen right. I just wanted someone to tell how I was feeling was normal. So I waited a bit longer to build up the courage to try again. 

Epic Fail! 

I decided this time I’ll do it by text this time because face to face wasn’t an option. The conversation was going great and I finally mentioned feeling alone for a while and the reply was  “ mmm ok” 

What the Hell

I think they might have taken it as a personal attack but I was only talking about my mental health. I know they and I  haven’t talked as much this year as we did  in the past but I didn’t  think they would take my words personally, when I was only speaking about myself.

 For years I've been told that I was always closed off and I never let anyone in, and that true.

It has been so hard for me to open up when I couldn’t even trust the one person on this earth that should've had my back, it made it hard for me to trust anyone. 

My word has been use like weapons against to try to hurt me more

 I've decided to not let those two experinces keep me from trusting because I want be that closed off emotionless person anymore.

Today I woke up in a better place. Thanks to a great friend and a listening ear I feel great. I just needed someone to  listen, I just needed someone to care. I appreciate those in my life that are there for me.


Brittany Morgan  


Friday, July 30, 2021

Our Vegas Angel

 I was recently talking to my brother and a friend about our previous Vegas trip.  And then I remembered our angel. I call her an angel because she saved our lives. Call me dramatic but she did. 

July 2019 my friends  and I went to Vegas and stayed at a pretty popular resort. I had only seen this place in pictures, it’s gorgeous. After finally getting checked in we made it up to our rooms. Beautiful rooms but we was slightly disappointed. We had asked for adjoining rooms  but after getting upstairs we quickly realized that not what we reserved. ( Owell first world problems) After freshening up we hit the strip for a quick bite to eat. We ended up  taking longer than expected and had to hurry back to the room to meet my friend/ trip roommate to let her in.

My friend and I went it went our room and quickly met with the group.  While in the hallway we exchanged pleasantries with the housekeeper, she asked if we needed anything and we told her we had just got there and we was fine and thanked her. As we continued our conversation , my friend and I mentioned how our hotel door took forever to close. 

Most doors close instantly but I could walk to the other side of the room and the door would still be cracked. And that’s when the housekeeper spoke up again. 

She informed us that we should ask for new rooms

Not even 24 hours before we arrived two women had been robbed in the room across the hall. They had been having door issues like us. The women had went out for a day on the strip and came back to nothing. They had got into their  room and took everything. They even found the car in the parking garage and took the car too.

We all instantly had a pit in our stomachs. We thanked her and went directly downstairs and asked  for new rooms. After a couple of exchanges with the manager and a few food vouchers later we had  new rooms. The new rooms were perfect, adjoining rooms and my brother’s room had a great view. 

Though I never saw the housekeeper again I still think about what she did for us.

Most people don’t speak up and it could truly change people lives. Yes, I know it was just a trip but this world is crazy and something could’ve happened.

I’m thankful she said something and we had a great trip because of her.

Our Vegas Guardian Angel 


Brittany Morgan 

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Dog Mom Life

 I love being a dog mom 

I never thought I would have another pet after being forced to give my cats away I was over having pets

The day I had to give away Tinkerbell and Gatsby was heartbreaking 

Getting Nola was a very unexpected but she's been my "pretty girl"

My friend asked me to join her at a loca fundraiser for a rescue she heard of

I instantly fell in love with a cute little chihuahua. She was mine the minute I picked her up

I had to have her. I had her name pick out and everything( Elle,after the character from legally blonde)

 Only two things was holding me back, my landlord and my brother 

In our lease dogs are not permitted but I remembered my  neighbor had and emotional support animal. I had no idea where to begin.

My brother was extremely scared of dogs but  I figured getting a small one he would agree to get one 

I wanted this dog, I needed this dog

I rushed over to my brother's job and showed him a picture of the dog

I think he saw the excitement in face and agreed to come meet Elle after work

He finally made it to the fundraiser to meet elle but another dog had his attention 

Nola Darling 

I never seen my brother so interested in a dog at one point he was on the ground playing with her

I knew she had to come home

The rescue owner allowed us to foster her for a week to see if it would be a good fit for all of us 

Once we got her home and she instantly went to her bed I knew she felt at home

Nola was my brother's birthday gift that year but we shortly realized who her owner truly was.

November of 2020 I got my second baby

My brother wanted a dog of his own since Nola had quickly attached to me

For months he asked for a second dog but after living through this pandemic I figured the home needed something new and Nola seemed really lonely at times

Sirius Black 

Yes, i named him after one of favorite Harry Potter characters

Sirius came in taking over

He was only 7 months old when he brough him home and unlike Nola he had no training

So i took on the role as trainer which bonded the two of us

So now I'm a Dog mom of 2 and I wouldn't have it any other way. 


Brittany Morgan

Monday, July 19, 2021

I'm Back

Long Time No Post

It feels good to say I am a full-blogger now

Sorry for the lack of content but get ready for multiple post a week

Currently the schedule will be Monday,Wednesday,Friday and an occasionally Saturday

I have a few series planned for the year and a few post I wrote that I still want to share 

I definitely need to catch your all up 


I no longer work in hell

My employment there ended  due to having my second job but it was the best feeling ever

Weeks before being fired I was constantly getting sick mentally and physically,That place was draining me 

That job took so much out of me so when the store manager called me in her office to end my employment, a weight literally lifted off my shoulders

I couldn't help but smile, I was finally free

Free from the toxic work enviroment 

Free from the mistreatment 

Free from the stress

For months going to work was a chore

I would find myself having panic attacks the minute my alarm would go off for work 

That place was literal hell on earth

I'm sure til this day the manager thought I was crazy because I happily handed them my work items and left smile and for once felt some peace

You shouldn't have cry your whole drive to work

I would throw up on a daily basis before work because of the stress

I'm thankful to no longer be in the enviroment

I still do have a job but it allows me the freedom to write more and focus on my dreams

Love Life

Dating is GHETTO

Dating in the era of hook up culture is not for me 

I feel like im either meeting people who barely wants to know my name and only wants to fuck 

Or someone who wants a relationship after saying "Hello"

I've kissed my fair share of frogs but one has turned into a prince

No, I'm not in a relationship but I like him and he likes me, were happy

(maybe I'll have another update in the future,til then.....)


Brittany Morgan

Monday, June 21, 2021

My Own Priorities

 Lately I've been putting all my focus on myself

Making sure I'm the priority.

Setting more boundaries and working my personal growth

I spend so much time helping  and solving others problems

At the end of the day I was forgetting about myself.

I was constantly building other for their goals and I wasn't focussed on my own goals

This summer I want to take the time to dive head first into Perfectly Imperfect Brittany fulltime

I want to finally give this blog fighting chance to grow and to help people

I'm working on re-branding and giving my social media a facelift

There will be a posting schedule(details later)

I want to have fun and share all the amazing content I have in store for you all

Thank you for always being here

Time for a change

I want my words to matter

Brittany Morgan