Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday's Letter

Dear Thursday you are my favorite. You are  basically the last day of the week for me and you also brought me some amazing news. I GOT A JOB. Yes i am finally in the working world again.
Dear Ms Britney Spears you are amazing. I really thought you was going to be nice one and sugar coat everything . But your not and Im loving it . Your keeping it real .
You can do no wrong to me . I cant wait to see how the rest of the season will go !! 
Dear Big Sean , Kanye West and Jay Z

Wow I love you all . Amazing song. I have this song on repeat all the time . Everyone one check it out and download it , you will love it ! 

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Have a great weekend loves !
Brittany Morgan 



Simplyheather said...

Brittney Spears truly is amazing!! I've loved her. Oh congrats on the new job by the way!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! said...

i have yet to get caught on x factor but i've heard so many interested things,
and congratulations on the new job! that's exciting
and great last's my first name :)

have a happy weekend!

Unknown said...

My last name is actually Franklin . People just call me Brittany Morgan ( my first and middle name) lol

Unknown said...

Thank you and Have a great weekend also

Unknown said...

i love the way britney is acting too!

Following you now! Happy Friday!! Stop by and say hello! :)