Monday, September 3, 2012

September Goals.

Wow I cant believe its September already. Fall is basically here in my eyes . I'm a fall baby . I love everything about the fall the leaves , hay rides , football , pumpkins , apple picking , fall festivals (one is coming up at my church , im so excited ) . I will be 23 in October and there  is many things i want to do in my life to better myself .

1. Drink water all day  everyday ( NO POP , NO JUICE , maybe a little tea )
2. Workout 45 minutes everyday ( This is the only way I will reach my goal weight )
3. Get a Job ( not having a real job sucks , I do stuff with my church but its not enough to move out and make it on my own )
4. Post at least 2 videos a week ( I want to to make my YouTube page a success )
5. Post on my blog at least 3 times a week ( i love writing on here and I hope you all enjoy reading , I really want to build this into something special )
6. Stay Organized ( Lately I've been feeling really disorganized . My life is HOT ASS MESS  I need to get it together asap )

Random Goal : Keep up with the September Photo a day ( I know its a little silly but i never complete them so i wanted to actually finish one whole month

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Anonymous said...

My birthday is in October too! And I'll be 24. My workout at the gym is only 15-30 mins. My one friend was gonna make a workout for me because what I'm doing isn't working.