Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday's Letter

Dear Fall Weather , I love you so much . A time for hoddies , riding boots , and bonfires . 
Dear Glee , I loved that you did another Britney episode .. But it was little dead pick it up and do better next time ( Yes i want another Britney episode 3peat !!!) 
Dear Sarah Jessica Parker , I'm so excited to see you on glee next week . I would love one more sexy and the city movie please . Just one more and I won't ask for another one .Its time for Big and Carrie to have a  baby and Samantha to get married . That would be a great ending . 
Dear Mommy , Its fall no longer summer . TURN THE AIR OFF .. OMG IM FREEZING !!! 
Dear Little Brother ,  I am so proud of you . you have grown into an amazing friend and you are my best friend . I cant wait to see you over Thanksgiving break . 
Dear We The Kings , COME BACK TO CHICAGO . Every time you all are here I'm out of town I would love to meet you all and bring Alli with you . I would actually love a private concert . ( Hopeful wishing ) 
Dear Roland , I miss you buddy . and a Skype conversation would hurt every once in a while .
Dear Taylor Swift , IM SO EXCITED FOR RED ! 
Dear Blog Readers , Im starting a fall series for the first week of the Fall ( which is tomorrow ) Hopefully you enjoy them 

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