Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A day down town Chicago : TALK WITH THE JOCKS

Last week I won tickets to meet all the Radio personalities of Kiss Fm Chicago !
I was extremely excited to go. 
I listen to Special K every day ( when im not working ) . 
He is totally my fav !
And he is extremely cute !!

I won four tickets but I had no idea who to invite .
Of course one ticket was for me  but the other 3 I had no idea.
My brother wasn't coming home til Wednesday so that was no help.
I asked my little cousin Taylor if she wanted to come and she was excited also. 
We both listened to the same type of music and both love kiss fm . 
I asked my bestie Ashley but she wasn't interested at all.

Tuesday I took my cousin out of school early to catch the train downtown.
We had to be there by 4:15 so i wanted to leave early enough so we can make it downtown and find the radio station. 

We got there really early so we spent some time downtown .

The Meet and Greet was so much fun!

Everyone was so nice !!!! 

It was nice to finally be face to face to the voices I would hear on the radio everyday!

Do you listen to Kiss Fm near you ?
If so who is your favorite Radio DJ?

Til next time 
Brittany Morgan 

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