Monday, December 24, 2012

Tell Me About It Tuesday MERRY CHRISTMAS , MY LOVES !

Newlywed Moments
Merry Christmas Everybody!

I'm enjoying a my Christmas Eve.
Snuggled up on the couch watching Polar Express with my family 
A big mug of apple cider .

I spent my day in the house cooking for my auntie's house ( she just go out the hospital and not well enough to to be cooking )
I got all my cakes and pies done ( lemon meringue and cheesecake )
It has been a long day . 

Christmas is going to be a long day for me again . 
Im splitting my time with 2 families . 

Opening presents with my mom 
Then spending the rest of my morning and part of my afternoon with my dad's side of the family ( my grandparents , aunt and uncle, an cousins. 
Then home by 5 for Christmas dinner with my mom and her side of the family . 

I never had to split my time so this should be interesting.  

But I'm enjoying my night now just relaxing 

I hope you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS !

Pictures of my Christmas will be up on Wednesday 

Til Next Time

Brittany Morgan

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