Saturday, May 25, 2013

30 Before 30 Again !

On August 9th , 2012 I posted a list of 30 things I wanted to do before I was 30 . 
I'm re-posting it because I tweaked it a little .
I'm so disappointed in myself I only accomplished one of them ( Dying my hair. ) and seeing Fall Out Boy .
Life is too short to not live . 
So here is  my list again and I will finish it all ! 

1. Start my business 
2. Become a brand ambassador for one of my favorite companies.
3. Run a 5k
4. Read the whole BIBLE
5. Go on Road trip
6. Go to Lollapalooza
7. Get to my goal weight 
8. Go to Disney World and/or Land
9. Buy a House ( hopefully in california or the north side of chicago )
10. Adopt a puppy
11. Make a  difference in  at least one person's life
12. Take a pole dancing class
13. Make Sushi 
14. Fall in LOVE
15. See a play on Broadway
16. Go on a Cruise
17. Travel outside the country
18. Get Married
19. Become a Mom
20.Travel to ( New york , Miami , Las Vegas , Nashville, California ) 
21. Plant a garden
22. Start a organization / foundation for breast cancer patinets 
23. Move out of state
24. See my favorite bands in concert ( We the Kings , Paramore  , The Pistol Annies , Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy  (,  ))
25. Make a scrapbook 
26. Write a book
27. Get A Tattoo
28. Make Partner on YOUTUBE 
29. Dye my hair
30. Go to an amusement park and ride every ride

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