Monday, May 27, 2013

My Dream Apartment : My Kitchen

I wrote a post not too long about how I'm looking for my own place.
I have so many design ideas for my first apartment .
Pinterest has been feeding into my obsession for my apartment
Hopefully I find something soon so I can stop going crazy . ( lol )
So let me introduce my dream Bachelorette pad
Yup I said it !!
Bachelorette Pad

This week I will be sharing my dream apartment ideas with you . Room by Room !  
Lets start with the 

I'm torn between two colors for my future kitchen .
Light Blue or Yellow 

Blue Kitchen Ideas

Blue is such a peaceful color . 

My Yellow Kitchen Ideas 

A kitchen combo of both colors 

I know my kitchen won't be as big but the pictures are my inspirations ! 
Hopefully when the time comes I can make my decision . 


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