Monday, May 13, 2013

My Vacation Wishlist : IN THE US

There are so many place I want to go ! 

1. Vegas !!!!!
I'm not really a clubber but I would love to go Las Vegas to party . I want to party no judgement and of course do some shopping .I want to go with a couple of my friends and just let loose ! 

2. Miami 
Another place for partying . I want to get out more and I never down it and I want to enjoy it. 
And I would love to go to the beaches and lay out  . 

3. New York City 
I want to get my Carrie Bradshaw on and walk the streets of time square . The one thing I need to do is go to a Broadway play . I walk around central park ( hand in hand with my love , lol , when i get one). I want to see everything  If i keep writing it would take up my whole post . 

4. Colorado 
I would love to go snow boarding and skiing 

5. Wisconsin 
I've been to the dells a lot but i never went in the winter and went snowboarding 

6. Hawaii
There is no need to explain its Hawaii

7. Nashville
If you know me then your know I love country music . I want to go and enjoy some live country  music ! 

That's it for now 



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