Finding Something Your Passionate About !

It took me a long time to find something that I love to do . 
I love MAKEUP !

 I love FASHION !


I know some of you are like 
" YouTube"????
Yes I love YouTube. 
I'm still new at it But I love making videos .Some may think its weird that I sit
 in  my room for hours and talk to a camera. Buts its fun . 
The Setup 
The Filming 
The Editing 
The Uploading 
Not my set up . But im working on getting something like this soon ! . 

I love it all !!!!
I love all 90 of my subscribers. Hopefully I will have more one day but for now I'm happy 

I took a little break from my YouTube after my mother's death . 
But I'm ready to go back full force. I have a lot planned for my channel .
Some fun fashion and beauty videos and I'm starting to vlog again. 
Not daily yet but there will be vlogs. 
I'm so excited to get back to my love " YouTube "

I'm happy in the direction I see my life going . 
Michelle Phan is my inspiration .
I know you tube is something I know I can make a future out of . 
Its opened my eyes to many other possibilities 
I want to be a makeup artist and one day start my own makeup line. 
And for those who know me I still want to come out with my own plus size clothing line . 
So join me on my YouTube journey  
Check out My channel If you like it subscribe . 
Til next time 


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