Friday, June 14, 2013

What To Bring To A Concert

Concert Season is in full effect and I've already been to couple this season .
Tomorrow I will be attending the B96 Summer Bash ( same concert I attended last year )

There is a couple of thing you dont want to forget to bring or wear while attending a concert

1. Wear Comfortable Shoes . I know some girls want to wear heels they can barely walk in . WHY ??
Your going to be on your feet for hours dancing why hurt yourself . 
For the Summer Bash my shoes of choice are : Vans 

2. A Camera - Capture these moment in film and photo ! And don't forget to charge your battery and bring at least 2 or 3 sd cards just in case .. you have to be safe !. 
3. Money ! -  Bring money so you can buy merch , food , drinks , or get a cab . 

4. Sun Screen - For those outdoor concerts . You don't want to burn while having fun ! 

5. Lip Balm and Lipstick ! - Keep your lips looking good . Who knows your favorite singer could come in the crowd an kiss you . ( Yeah in my dreams ) 
6.  The TICKETS !!!! DUH .  You would never get in ! 

This is just a list of basic things you should bring to a concert . I'm so excited for tomorrows concert. 
What concerts are you going to this summer or have already been to ?

til next time 

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