Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Single Girl's Valentines Day .


Since I'm a single girl I will be spending my day at home, treating myself . 

I have the whole day planned out . 

On valentine's I don't won't to be doing a whole of cooking so I'm going to take the easy road . I'm going to pick up a couple cheese pizzas and add my own toppings . ( peppers , chicken , FETA CHEESE ( my fav) ). 

I think is well deserved on Valentine's Day and my drink of choice is " Skinny Girl" Pina Colada .  

What's Valentine's Day without " BAE" .... Netflix . 

My Top 5 Netflix Picks for Valentine's Day 

1. Safe Haven 


2. I Hate Valentine's Day

3. Chef ( amazing movie and great food . Makes you want to run into the kitchen and cook ) 

 And for my fellow tv show binge watchers 

 4. Grey's Anatomy ( I'm on season 5 catch up with me ) 

5. Gilmore Girl ( Classic) 
But the day is not over yet . 
It's time to really treat yourself .
With a Mani/Pedi 

Go out and get a new color or pick out your favorite color. 
Soak your feet get rid of the grim of the week 
There is nothing like a fresh mani/pedi . 
I always feel better after one . 

Your probably wondering why I didn't mention candy or a teddy bear . I always go the day after when everything is half . That' an another treat in itself  ( YOU SAVE MONEY ) Most stores have all Valentine's product 50% off the following day . 

What do you have planned for Valentine's Day ?

I hope you all do something special for yourselves 


Brittany Morgan 

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