She Doesn't Even Go Here : Clumsy Ol' Me

On my second week of living my brother . Things are good . Still dont know anyone but Ill get there
I've been job hunting like crazy .
That goodness the bus system is free. Yes I said " FREE" !
It takes you around the campus and to all the shopping centers
I still don't know the bus schedule without my brother's help but I'll get there .
The other day I made a big mistake . I took the bus during rush hour .
Around 2:00
When everyone was getting out of class .
There was no more seats so I had to stand .
I'm an extremely clumsy , I trip over air .
So trying to balance myself on a moving bus was hard . I felt like a rag doll being thrown around .
Well maybe I'm being a little dramatic but it was hard standing
I was swaying side to side and almost fell in someone's lap .
Holding the straps was a fail . But I finally have a little system for not falling . I have to stand by a pole and basically hug the pole
I may look crazy but not as crazy as me falling on the bus  ( that would be tragic )

Brittany Morgan 


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