The Bachelor: Week 6 Review

The episode started with Kelsey laying on the floor having a " Panic Attack " . Which seemed really fishy to me because it seemed like she only did it to get more time with Chris since he had cancelled the cocktail party . I would have been upset like the other girls for he to scheme like that just cheat and more time with him . It was all a big joke to her . When she went back into the room with the other girls she was laughing and joking about the situation . 

And finally the rose ceremony....

He keeps Kelsey .
What the fuck was he thinking . This woman is crazy . I personally feel that there is something wrong with her mental health 

Sadly  Mackenzie and Samantha was eliminated


The next morning the ladies headed to Deadwood , South Dakota to meet Chris. 

This week there was Group Date , a 2 and 1 date and and 1 on 1 date.

Becca got the 1 on 1 date with Chris this week ( thank goodness ) . Kelsey really thought she was going to get it . 

Becca is the only woman in the house that hasn't kissed Chris . They're date looked like so much fun . They went  horseback riding  on the trails. A date that any girl would wish for . The connection between them seemed so genuine . I really like them together. They got to get closer and get know each other better and also shared some great laughs . 

During the date the back at the hotel some of the women was discussing the events the night before and how they felt about Kelsey . I  totally feel like Kelsey is extremely fake and  or has a couple screws loose in her brain . She is constantly playing the victim card . 

Getting the card for the group date was nerve wrecking for the girls because no one really wanted the 2 on 1 date. 

Whitney , Jade , Britt, Kaitlyn, Carly and Megan was chosen for the group date .






For their's date their date they had to write a song to perform .
They got help from the amazing country artist Big and Rich 

During the song writing process it looked like Britt and Chris was having their own 1 on 1 date kissing and talking int the corner . 

Everyone had amazing songs . 
You can tell Carly's song truly came fro her heart . 

Jade is not the best singer but she got over her fear and put her heart and soul out there . 

Britt and Chris ran off together during the date to have alone time . 
They ran off to the Big and Rich concert. 
At that moment I felt like the season was over and he already picked Britt. 
He gave Britt the rose right on stage . 
If I was one of those other girls on that date I would have felt like crap . 
Because that whole date was basically the Britt and Chris date and they was just there to watch. 

The two on one date was a big shocker to me . Ashely tried to let Christ know that Kelsey is crazy and a liar and it kinda blew up in her face . It was like they was cool the there was a lot of tears from Ashley and then she left . ( She got eliminated ) .
Watching it I was getting pissed thinking he was gonna keep  Kelsey and he basically let her go also.
The funny thing is . Chris tried to look so broken up about letting her go but I know he felt relived.
But I thought it was funny he just walked away and got in helicopter and just left her sitting on the bed .

And the episode ended like that . So next week there is still gonna be a rose ceremony .
Next week is gonna be a two night event.
Sunday and Monday is gonna a lot ( rose ceremony , dates and at home dates). I can't wait

I will be back next week for two reviews.

Brittany Morgan 


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