Thursday, February 12, 2015

Random Thoughts : A Wall Of Ice

I can't remember the last time i wrote a Random Thoughts .
Its been way too long. 

My life has been crazy for the past two years . From losing my mother to moving in with my aunt  , going back to school , getting kicked out my aunt's house , living with my pastor , getting my own place , losing my father , getting into a fight with my family ( mom's side) , losing my apartment , and now living with my brother. That'st just the surface things .
Are you caught up yet ?
I feel like a lot of those things have harden my heart .
I'm trying to  break away at the wall of ice around my heart. 
Its so hard to allow someone in . 
I'm trying but its so hard to trust people . 
You can say you love me but in the back of my head I question it .
Of couse I have my small group friends that I have around me during this time but even then I don't tell them everything .
During this time of chaos the only one I can turn to is GOD . 
I've reached a place of some peace but of course that can change in a second and I can break down . ( It has happened  multiple times )
But I'm  happy being here with my brother ( the only other person that knows how I feel ) 

It felt so good to get that off my chest . 
Same time next week 
Brittany Morgan 

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