Monday, December 17, 2018

Christmas In Retail: Blogmas Day 5

Christmas time  shouldn't be stressful . 
It's a time to spend time with friends and family and give back . 
Working in retail I have seen some crazy things .
 I've seen nothing but anger, entitlement and very rude people . It seems like everyone is always in a hurry running around like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland . 

On a daily basis I get customers yelling at me . Yes yelling at me because the store I work at is sold out .One day I had , had enough so I had to shine some light into this woman's life . I said " ma'am with all due respect it's just a toy. "Blank store" ( the place i work )  has no control on how many toys they get . The toy company makes them and send them to our company then the company has to split that up between their thousands of stores . So it's not our fault we don't have enough we get what we get and that's it . It's all about supply and demand. They make very few and watch people lose their minds over a stuffed animal and people are stupid enough to pay the ridiculous price for them ( Not judging just frustrated ) . But anyways Christmas isn't about the toys and gadgets we have under the tree it's about something priceless . When people realize that life would be so much better " .  The lady stared at me puzzled for a moment and totally agreed . We drive ourselves crazy and broke trying to buy some crazy gifts and most of the time people can't afford them or if they can they stress if it's sold out .

My tip for you this year is be nice to the associates , cashiers, stockmen and etc that work at the stores you shop at . They have no control what is in stock and when it will get there . 
Yelling and screaming like a 3 year old wont get you anywhere . 
We can't make the item you want magically appear out of thin air. 

Don't forget to spread  Christmas cheer and love one another give back instead of always taking . 

Brittany Morgan 

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