Thursday, December 20, 2018

Thursday Thoughts: Blogmas Day 8

 Happy Thursday!
For all my OG followers you know Thursday thought is when I open up  and tell how I am feeling
( I think I might bring this back in 2019)

Gearing up for 2019 and I have so many decisions to make ( my moving situations is one of them)
I plan on moving from my current place. Finally moving away this small town
But I have no idea where to go
Should I leave Illinois?
Should I move back near the area I grew up?
Should I move near my grandparents?
Should I go somewhere new and start fresh?
The more are more question to come with that
Do I go alone?
Do I move with my brother?
( but he maybe moving with his boyfriends is so that a no for me)
Should  I get a place with my brother and our friend?
I personally feel like everyone has a backup plan but me 
( My brother has his boyfriend , our friend has her family)
I have six months to get all these questions answered
Wish me luck 
I'll keep you posted 

Brittany Morgan

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