4 Am Knows All My Secrets

Laying here with so much on my mind 
Making decisions on the next step of my life . 
The past week has been totally eye opening 
I was totally taken advantage of during one of the weakest moments of my life . 
( I know I tell all but that one ... Maybe next time ) 
When your going through things you really know who is there for you . 
T has been my rock during it all . 
Listening to me complain , he held me when I cried and just being here when I needed to . He has been amazing . 
Also my bestie A she has been here from day one . It's crazy how ride or die we are for each other and we haven't even know each for a year . She is truely my best friend , my sister . She came and just say with me so I could talk out my feelings . She even reached out to T for me to tell him what was happening . I love that girl she is one amazing person . Z has also been so amazing with checking on me and bringing my god daughter over to cheer me up . I have an amazing circle . It's small but that's all I need . There are many that have reached out and I'm thankful for all their kind and loving words 
I started this post to "bash" the ones who have done me wrong but then I had an epiphany . Why waste my energy and focus on that when I have so much positivity in my life . I'm blessed . Yes I'm hurting and working through my sadness but I'll be ok . I know I will . I was raised by two amazingly strong people . Though I no longer have them on this earth I have them in my heart forever . I'm growing and I'm changing . 
All for the better 
If you don't like it , I can't help you 


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