Monday, July 14, 2014

To Be or Not To Be .... That Is The Question

Seeing this tweet really got me thinking . 
I use to be that girl . Chasing after a boy who didn't really won't her or only called when he was  bored or wanted some 
Yes I said girl , because I am now a woman and thank God I learned from my mistakes 

And it doesn't have to be just romantic relationships it can be for family and friendships. 
I feel if you really  want me around and in your life you would put me there. 
I've gotten to the point in my life where I'm tired of reaching out . 
I feel like I'm always reaching out but there is no one there to grab my hand .
Wanting something that the other person doesn't 
 That never works 
And I hate when people say they're '' BUSY" 
We make time for things and people that are important to us . 
If there is no effort put forward . I don't want to waste my time. 
If I'm the one who is ALWAYS starting the convos via text or phone calls 
And you can't take 2 secs out of your day just to check on me ( that's a problem )

I hate when people say " I was gonna .... " thats just bs to me . 
If you really wanted to connect with me you would have 

Its 2014 there are too many ways to talk to people ( text , call , Facebook , FaceTime , kik , twitter , instagram )  There are too many forms of communication .

Sorry if it seems like I'm bitching all the time . But sometimes I want to be " chased " .
I want to see that you care , that you can put some form of effort in . 
In any relationship ( friendship , relationship , family ) it should be a 50/50 road and when I feel like I'm giving more than I'm receiving ( my time and my heart ) I'm going to slowly pull away and eventually just be done with you . 

But enough of my ranting . 
Til Next Time 

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She Bold said...

This blog post was right on time with how I've been feeling! I constantly chase after relationships, friendships, and so forth but I've come to realize if they cant put in 50 to 100%! of the work with me than there is no point in continuing on. My worth is worth more than what people think ;)