Saturday, July 26, 2014

I'm Happy !!!!!

I'm really like this new guy . I'm so comfortable with him . 
I'm able to be me and not play a role . 
Or have to live up to anyone else standards , like I have in the past . 
I don't know what the future has in store for us but I'm excited to see where it leads
I'm hooked 
I'm hooked on his kisses 
The way he holds me in arms 
I feel so safe !
I really wish my parents would have had a chance to meet him . 
They would have loved him .
But I know they are looking down smiling . 

Seeing his name pop up on my phone gives me butterflies .
Being around him gives me a sense of peace . 
I hate when he leaves cause I just want him around . 
 I'm falling for him more and more everyday . 

 He has truly been my rock during this difficult time in my life .
When I cried he just held my while I let out my pain
He listened to my troubles . 

The lyrics to  this song totally explains how I'm feeling right now !!

Til Next Time 

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